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Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions throughout our country and TruChoice is committed to a realistic solution.

  • Small changes prevent Type II diabetes
  • You don't have to become a marathon runner
  • Or spend hours in the gym
  • Being overweight is a serious risk factor

Regain your health and lose weight. Meal plans created by Certified Nutritionists, custom fitness plans and One-on-One coaching.

  • Mobile app makes tracking calories easy
  • Including grocery shopping & logging meals
  • Fitness plans created for your goals
  • Use your coach for advice & inspiration

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"Since working with TruChoice Fitness and Nutrition, I've made a lifestyle change, lost 31 lbs and made my Cardiologist happier than ever with a healthier heart and low blood pressure. I am stronger physically and mentally after having my TruChoice experience."

K. E. Littrell