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When Scales Attack

January 31, 2014 Eric Soderlund

It has happened to nearly everyone that has tried to lose weight. You follow you meal plan, do your workouts, confident you have lost weight during the week. But come Saturday morning, the scale says otherwise.

Weight Loss “Tools Of The Trade”

January 24, 2014 Eric Soderlund

Every job is made easier with the right tools, or “Tools of the Trade”. A carpenter has saws and hammers, lawyers use books and doctors use mystic powers. Just kidding. The same is true when you are trying to lose weight. For weight loss, tools of the trade are items that will make your fitness journey easier and educate you as you go.

Here are our TruChoice tools of the trade for weight loss.

Weight Loss - The Mental Side

January 17, 2014 Eric Soderlund

How you think about food, your weight, losing weight, dieting, exercise and yourself all plays a role in how easy or difficult your fitness & weight loss journey will be.
Here’s a project that will help you take control of your mind and your actions. Do this at a time and place that will allow you to really think and be honest with yourself. Take it seriously. It can make all the difference.

3 Steps to a Fitness and Weight loss Plan

January 03, 2014 Eric Soderlund

I love making plans. Whether it’s a 6 month training plan for an event or meal and workout plans for clients. I love it all.

I realize that not everybody is so hot on developing plans. Especially for things they find difficult such as diet and exercise. This simple system will help you out.