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5 Exchanges To Lose 100 Pounds

December 05, 2013 Eric Soderlund

Without eating any less, you can lose weight! Just swap “This” for “That”.

1. Turn a Sandwich into a Salad
2. Take the Sugar Out of Your Hydration
3. Daily Veggie Up
4. Re-Address Dressing
5. White for Red

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When Goals Sabotage Weight Loss

November 18, 2013 Eric Soderlund

Goals are great. They keep us focused and motivated. Except when they don’t.

One problem with setting goals regarding weight loss is that we have less control over the success of the goal than we would like. Just because the calories in and out are where you want, your body may not respond as you would like. Stress and water retention alone can send the scale in the wrong direction despite your good execution.

One way of avoiding this disappointment is by changing the type of goal you set from a result driven goal to a behavioral goal.

5 Reasons to Log Your food

October 24, 2013 Eric Soderlund

It has become trendy to argue against logging your meals and counting calories. From plans that let you eat as much as you want as long as its meat to critiques that argue it takes too long or makes people feel bad.


Logging you food is great for anyone trying to improve their health. Whether you are losing weight, adding muscle, trying to control, blood sugar, cholesterol or sodium or simply want to eat fewer processed foods. Logging is a valuable tool for success and education.

Is Your Food Brown? A Colorful Plate is a Healthy Plate!

September 17, 2013 Eric Soderlund

Have you noticed that when you’re eating an unhealthy meal, that meal is also an ugly meal? Usually it’s all brown. As it turns out, the color of the foods we eat generally represent certain micro-nutrients. In fact, it’s the chemicals in the fruits and vegetables that make food a certain color.

5 Tips on Starting a Workout Routine

August 12, 2013 Eric Soderlund

An object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest, stays at rest. Thanks Newton. This Law applies to working out or more specifically, starting to workout. When we are inactive, getting moving is the tough part. Once we are in motion, it’s easier to keep moving.

Here are some tips to get yourself moving!