I’m Pre-Diabetic –  4 Steps To Take

February 21, 2014 Eric Soderlund

Many times, people come to me immediately after medical news. Pre-Diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension are the most common. The news is rarely a total surprise but shocking all the same. So Now what?
More than likely, your doctor will prescribe a medication and instruct you to make some lifestyle changes.  Less stress, more sleep, diet and exercise. This is the recipe for nearly all of our “self induced” medical problems. But while the directions for the medications are clear, the advice for “lifestyle changes” is vague. It’s not what doctors specialize in.

Here are some steps that will help you out.

1. Educate yourself. There are hundreds if not thousands of resources available to us these days. Simply Google “How do I reverse ……” and you will have more information than you can absorb in seconds.  Understanding your problem and the effects it will have on your life is critical for you to make the required changes.

2. Focus on Now. Regretting the past or fretting about the future rarely serves to solve our problems. In fact, it creates stress which can make our situation worse. Focus on todays actions.  You can’t reverse the effects of years of unhealthy habits today but you can change the habits in an instant. Focus on your actions and results will follow.

3. Make a plan. Don’t just say “I’m gonna eat better and exercise”. Too Vague. How will you eat better? What will you eliminate from your diet? What will you add? How many calories and what split of macronutrients? What exercise will you do? How Much? AND when? Put the workouts into your phones calendar and have it alert you a few hours before the time.

4.Get help. There are reasons behind why you have let yourself get to the shape you are in. Get some help to figure it out. There is also a reason you haven’t done something about it. Likely, you don’t know how to start or what specific actions would be best.

Companies such as TruChoice Fitness & Nutrition specialize in this. Check out our site and give us a call. Then, find other companies and call them as well. Find a company whose price and philosophy works for you.

Take action.
Take Your Health Back.