Weight Loss – Healing Old Wounds

February 09, 2014 Eric Soderlund

One of the main objectives of our mind is to keep us safe. That feeling in your stomach when you get too close to the edge of a cliff. The fear of walking down a dark street. The negative thoughts you get when you think about dieting. HUH?

Unfortunately, the mind won’t distinguish between real danger and perceived danger. In the instance of weight loss, the mind is protecting you from the pains of the past and fear of pain that would come from failure in the future. This reaction is brought on by how we think about weight loss. What our ever so clever mind doesn’t know is that the pain of being overweight can be debilitating and painful.

The mind isn’t against you losing weight.  It doesn’t even understand what that is. It’s against you feeling bad and being stressed. This instinct keeps us from trying, let alone accomplishing many things in life.

Looking for a new job, starting a new hobby, leaving an unsatisfying relationship, getting in shape, etc. These can be considered unknowns and opportunities to fail to the mind and thus things to be avoided. And that is what our mind “protects” us from. So how can we override this instinct when it comes to weight loss?

Become Conscious

The first step is to recognize when it is happening. Many of the questions in our
How Does Weight Effect Your Life” Questionnaire focus on realizing how you think about your weight and what feelings arise when you think about losing weight. Being conscious of this reaction is the first step to stopping its powerful and negative effects. This is an anonymous questionnaire on our TruChoice Website. 


Once you recognize the feelings, then allow yourself to have them for a moment. Don’t dismiss them as nonsense. Think about your past and how you weight has affected your life. were you made fun of as a child or made to feel unworthy as an adult because of your weight, or have you tried to lose weight in the past and failed? is so, then of course you will have negative reactions when the topic of weight loss comes up.

Behavior Focus

You can’t lose the weight overnight. However, you can change you behaviors or actions in an instant. Set in motion a plan for activity and healthy eating. It can start with something as simple as avoiding fast food. This can be done in one day and you can enjoy your efforts immediately. When you are done with this blog, check out “When Goals Sabotage Weight Loss” to learn more about Behavior Focus Mentality.

Move Through It

Now that you are conscious of the reaction and have put time into understanding that the reaction is valid and you have a plan designed around your actions instead of your weight, you can move through the reaction. Realize that the reaction was designed to protect the unconscious you of the past. The present you that understands how weight is affecting you and has changed behaviors, doesn’t need your mind to protect you. You are aware, compassionate and prepared to take action.

Thank your mind for its good intentions and move forward.

Admittedly, this is easier said than done. I know because I have gone through the same process regarding different parts of my past that affect my present. I also know that it works and is a healthy process. I see this fear in clients that come to me time and time again. Some move passed it and begin the process with TruChoice. But others are not able to and continue to live with a weight or health issue that are keeping them from happiness.

This blog is not meant to be a complete answer to your emotional challenges regarding weight loss. It is meat to provide you with new information that will allow you to move forward. We can’t fix what we are unaware of. For more information on behavior based planning, contact me for a free consultation.

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