Weight Loss - The Mental Side

January 17, 2014 Eric Soderlund

One of the topics we work on with our clients is the mental aspect of their weight loss and fitness journey. TruChoice clients are provided complete meal plans, personalized workouts and even an App to track calories and create shopping lists. But as anyone that has struggled with their weight will tell you, there is more to it. How you think about food, your weight, losing weight, dieting, exercise and yourself all plays a role in how easy or difficult your weight loss journey will be.

Here’s a project that will help you take control of your mind and your actions when it comes to eating and exercise. Do this at a time and place that will allow you to really think and be honest with yourself. Take it seriously. It can make all the difference.


What is the reason you want to lose weight? A recent health diagnosis? Are you unhappy with the way you look? Is it affecting your relationships or work? Are you tired of not being able to do the things others can?

Once you figure them out, write them all down.


What is the reward for achieving your new lifestyle? What will the tangible and intangible results be. Increased confidence, getting off medications, seeing your children or grandchildren grow up, or looking in the mirror and liking the way the person you see is taking care of themselves?

Think about all of the rewards and write them down in order of importance on the same piece of paper.


This can be a tough one. You may know the answer or be able to figure it out after you ask the questions above. If not, the next time you have the urge to go to your favorite fast food place or sit down with a tub of cookies or ice cream, pause and ask yourself, “What am I trying to achieve? What is the purpose of doing this knowingly destructive act? How will it make me feel before, during, immediately after and hours after? How will it affect your day?” The purpose is to figure out what need you are trying to fill and use your Why and Reward list to counter the urge.

Understanding the reasons behind your over eating or at least beginning to do so is important. If you know why you want to lose weight and you understand the rewards of losing weight, you can use this knowledge to fight the urges to over eat or eat poorly. It becomes a “This vs That” scenario. Is the temporary satisfaction of the binge worth more to you than the rewards that you listed? The answer is always no. This is evident by the very fact that you want to lose weight. You are not satisfied with your current physical condition and want to change it for the reasons you listed. Does this make the task easy, no. but it provides you with a powerful tool to push through those difficult times.

By understanding and then consciously thinking about why you want to lose weight and what the rewards will be and then pitting those desires against the false satisfaction of eating poorly, you will slowly begin to change the way you feel about food, dieting, exercise and even yourself. As you see results, the battle will become easier. You will slip up from time to time but that is Ok. Figure out what happened and continue on. Win 80% of the battles regarding eating and exercise and you will succeed in taking your health back.

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