Our Process

TruChoice Analysis


Your transformation starts with us getting to know you, your goals, lifestyle and schedule. This analysis helps us design a truly personal TruChoice plan.

  • Life Schedule: Do you travel, work 10hr days or spend your day taking care of family
  • Personal Goals: Where do you want to be and what do you want to do regarding you fitness
  • Exercise History: What have you been doing and what is you exercise knowledge
  • Food Preferences: What are your likes and dislikes

TruChoice Support


You’re never alone while you’re with TruChoice. Your TruChoice coach is with you every day and every step of the way.

  • Daily Meal and Activity Review: Receive daily input and inspiration from your coach
  • Coaching Check-ins: Receive calls, emails or text messages to help you through the day
  • Weekly One-On-Ones: Discuss how the prior week went so adjustments can be made
  • Call-up Support: Have a question? Need some support? Just call your TruChoice Coach

TruChoice Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Your meal plan teaches you how and what to eat in the real world during and after your TruChoice experience. You will learn:

  • What to Eat: Your meal plans are designed for your needs by Nutritionist
  • How Much to Eat: A progressive calorie plan designed to maximize weight loss
  • Nutrient Balance: How many carbohydrates, proteins and fats to eat and when
  • Food Exchanges: Make food exchanges for dietary restrictions. Shopping lists auto-update
  • Mobile App: Log your food, view your meal plan & shopping list from your phone

TruChoice Support


Your workout plans and videos are made specifically for you. Teaching you what you will need to know to continue your fitness activities for a lifetime.

  • Base Line Testing: First, we establish your current condition to create phase 1 of your plan
  • Workout Progression: A three stage program designed to maximize fitness and weightloss
  • Workout Videos: Videos showing your routine, proper form and exercise variations
  • Personal Training: TruChoice certified personal trainers work with you at your home or online